Duncan's Best

Duncan's Best is a continuous working, reliable green drain cleaning product. It’s a beneficial bacterium (probiotic) for your pipes and wastewater systems. The beneficial bacterium naturally feeds on waste (food particles, grease, soap scum, and hair) these are agents that often clog drains.

Duncan's Best is used to safely clean and maintain septic, and sewer systems . Duncan's Best is safer for the environment because it does not contain dangerous chemicals that are released into our private septic fields or municipal sewer systems.

Mission Statement

Duncan Best is manufactured in America. Our mission is to provide efficient drain and septic field environmentally friendly products. 

About Us

Duncan's Best

Keeping Drains and Septics Clear

Duncan's Best was formed to provide a healthy sanitation product. Our goal is to develop product(s) that are environmentally friendly and effective. The bacterium (probiotic for your pipes) breaks down, and digests the waste products left in pipes, such as built-up soap, sludge, food waste, foul smells and even hair. The bacterium (probiotic) multiplies, EVERY time water goes down the drain the bacterium grows more powerful, and is able to consume even more waste.

The team trusts this product so much, one of the owners decided to test and prove its effectiveness on his parents' septic system after being told the field was in need of replacement. After three months of treatments, the field was back in balance and no longer needed replacement. It’s been five years and with regular monthly treatments, the field and septic system was tested and is still going strong.

Duncan's Best is made with our customers' health, happiness and the planet's longevity in mind. You get the power you need while helping to preserve the environment.


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